The makings of a perfect “hair of the dog” cocktail

A few weeks back, we along with The Terraza set out to create the most seasonal, holiday type spritz we could come up with. Contrary to what most think, we all agree the spritz knows no season and we were hell-bent on proving it.

The proper liquors & ingredients were sourced, grilling burgers was spoken of + we had invited over some friends to join us. The shift into Holiday “high gear” was apparent as we were ready to take on “Sunday Funday” so quickly after our “stayed out way past our bedtime” Saturday.

The result? 3 delicious “hair of the dog” cocktails that somewhat resemble a spritz, guaranteed to cure your January 1st hangover because it cured ours, if paired with a burger, potatoes and a side salad.

Here they are...

#1 - Fill glass with ice and pour about halfway full with lemon sour mix. Fill the rest with Prosecco and top with rosemary.

#2 - Mix equal parts Meletti, Prosecco, and club soda. Top with a blackberry.

#3 - Fill a short glass (or not a short glass 😜) half way Japanese Whiskey and fill the rest with Prosecco. Top with lemon, mandarine slice and mint to garnish.


A BIG thank you to The Terraza !!  IG - @theterraza