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1. La Haine is a visceral portrait of the everyday cycle happening within cities in Paris. The political outcry the film instigated was incendiary. Amazing filmmaking and a story that is as relevant now as it was the year it was made. (1995)

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2. 13th is a documentary every American should see. A crash course in the legislation and insidious disenfranchisement that has given way to a systematic oppression of African Americans in this country. This documentary will open new avenues of thought and hopefully provoke an interest to delve deeper into what is a sordid and interwoven tapestry of hatred and racism that exists within the United States history. (2016)

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3. Miss Juneteenth is a passion project of @cgpeoples. Her tender love letter to her hometown is an authentic piece of filmmaking that invigorates the audience. A beautiful showcase of motherhood, identity and racial realities in America.  Elegantly crafted and beautifully shot. (2020)

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4. The Watermelon Woman has the comedic feel of the early 90s AND the thematic resonance, pioneering filmmaking of independents ahead of its time. Following the story of an African American woman finding her place both in the world of filmmaking and in the world of both sexual and racial politics. The effortless blending of meta documentary style and cinema produces some of the films better sequences. This amazing addition to a rich history of queer cinema is both thought provoking and funny. (1996)

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