For Your Consideration - via Hot Box Cinema Club

Hot Box Cinema Club's very own Biagio Musacchia shares his top 3 film picks for our time inside. 


 "When everything halts and people need something else to think about we always turn to stories. I find myself taking in two or three films a day and having a constant dialogue about them with my girlfriend and parents. I’m on a ”small scale story” kick recently (I wonder why). The films I’m watching right now are more intimate and human. Big blockbuster entertainment movies have fallen out of my queue entirely. I’m not watching films to kill time or get away from myself. Quite the opposite. Self reflection becomes immediately simpler through connection with other people’s stories. I really believe in this stillness watching films like these can help you listen to yourself and others better. Hope you enjoy the films. Wash your hands and stay home."



1. A Ghost Story - One of my favorite movies of the last few years. The film is not only gorgeously shot and acted, but tackles high concepts of time, death, love, and grief. All in an amazingly unique and interesting way. (2017)

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2. Chungking Express - This film just oozes style and charm. The camera work and storylines mesh together perfectly and there’s just so much to take in while we follow these characters through the twists and turns of the plot. Eye candy for any 90s lover looking for some fashion nostalgia. (1994)

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3. Ariel - Wes Anderson fans may find parallels in this Kaurismaki gem. Subtle funny dialogue. Interesting quirky characters fill this Finnish film that shows what fans of the director have come to know and love. (1988)

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