EBR Talks with Stephanie Perez - Gurri

 Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a first time mom to a 6.5 month old, Oliver. Right now, anything outside of Oliver is background noise, what else is there to say about myself? Becoming a mom has been the hardest job with the biggest reward. I am also a Fashion Editor at InStyle Magazine in NYC. 

Miami vs NY in one word!

Miami! There’s no place like home.

How do you balance being a wife + being a mother + work?

I used to think it would be impossible to do it all without help. The pandemic has forced moms to put this ethos to the test. I rely on my sleep now more than ever! Everyone’s in bed by 8pm and we’re up by 6:30am. Our days at home are usually hectic, and involve so much strategizing. I tell myself to take it one day at a time, and that helps keep things more tangible for me. Turns out, I can do it all. Not everyday is a success, but it can be done. Those successful days, although rare, feel incredibly empowering.


What's something your mother/grandmother was right about?

They are right about everything, now that the baton of motherhood has been passed down to me I have no choice but to give them all of the credit. Right now what speaks to me the most is when my mom would repeatedly say during my pregnancy that sleep is a luxury. And when my grandmother encourages me when I feel guilty about something by saying, all he really needs is your love. 


Do you have any important family traditions that you want to share with your children once they’re older? 

My childhood home is a Spanish speaking one, I learned English in kindergarten. I’d like to implement the same tactic with our son. Our nanny really encourages us to all speak Spanish at home, but now that we’re all isolating and she’s not here, we’ve been speaking English. I am desperate to have her back in more ways than one! 

What’s your proudest moment as a mother thus far?

I think it’s very instinctual for us to put ourselves last, once our baby enters the world. At the end of a rough day, once he’s put to bed, is when I realize I hadn't drank a sip of water, or eaten anything aside from crackers. I’m proud of those rough days, those many moments where all you need is some fresh air and probably a sandwich.


Hardest thing about motherhood?

Unsolicited opinions and comparisons. Oh and the outpour of personal questions. I have a newfound respect for moms that mind their own business.

What’s your go to “me time” and/or “self care” regimen?

Recovering from childbirth is still very present for me, Oliver is 6.5 months old. Plus, picking up a <18 lb baby about twenty times a day does great things for my back. I am blessed to have a bathtub in our apartment, on the really hard days i pour in a shitload of peppermint epsom salts in the bath with really hot water and i just sit for as long as possible (usually can’t go past 10 minutes, which is better than nothing!)

What does your dream Mother’s Day look like?

In this dream I’d be spending Mother’s Day with the other moms in my life back home in Miami. I’d sleep in, my husband would surprise me with a stack of pancakes (this is a dream right?), and we’d get together with our families and head to the beach. 

What can one usually find in your bag? 

Four different types of chapsticks, as each pertains to a different occasion, a punch-card to my favorite coffee shop, and double-sided tape. 

Lastly, what are you currently watching?

Unorthodox on Netflix. It’s such a powerful show, I wish there were more episodes!


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