EBR Talks with Clara Infante


Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Clara, born in Barcelona, bred in Miami, grew up once I left there and moved to LA. I traded my nightlife job for a career in the music industry and worked very hard for ten years. I did a very cliché thing and fell in love with a musician, we got married and had babies, I quit my job at Sony and we left our life in LA behind for a quieter and simpler existence in the Spanish countryside. 

I own a children’s vintage and second hand online store, my priorities have shifted massively... We grow our own vegetables, our kids go to nature-based schools and we live in a self-sustaining eco-house. How I ended up here, living this very granola life is a bit of a mystery to me.



What pushed you to launch Copito?

Copito was born out of necessity, I missed being able to buy vintage and second hand for my kids, something I’d done regularly in the states. Spain is an old world catholic country, they see second hand clothing as a poor person’s thing… like it’s dirty or something. There are very few options for thrifting here, let alone for your kids. I soon discovered there is a giant gap in the market for a curated collection of ethically made, second hand clothing both here and globally. I’ve grown a small following, a new generation of mothers concerned with their own carbon footprints, where they were spending their money and desperate to opt out of fast fashion.




How do you balance being a wife + being a mother + work?

Ha! I don’t. If work/life balance was a dance, I’d have two left feet. In an ideal world, Copito would allow me to make all of the time I want for my kids and husband and vice versa. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. My struggle isn’t unlike most mothers’. 

I have an office in town which gives me space from my family when I need it, I also set up in our dining room often and shoot clothes on my boys and dye linens in our kitchen. 

My husband is my biggest supporter, my confidant and partner in Copito. No one believes in the project as much as he does. We’re currently tackling parenting two (soon to be three) very young boys together which is the most trying yet rewarding challenge we’ve had to face as a couple.




What's something your mother/grandmother was right about?

I can’t believe I’m saying this but… everything. Mainly I’m realizing that as a mother I can only do my best, and some days my best is mediocre. Now I realize what my mother was up against (me) and how everything I said I would do differently, I’m pretty much doing the same.



Do you have any important family traditions that you want to share with your children once they’re older? 

Traditions tend to come from families that are from the same cultural background. My dad is Spanish and my mom is French and they just weren’t that big on traditions. I grew up in the states and my husband is English and so we don’t really share any common ground with that sort of thing. I think what we really want to share with our children is our morals and values, how to be kind and generous… and maybe how to make a good roast dinner!



What’s your proudest moment as a mother thus far?

That’s a tough question. I love my children and I get up every day and do my best to take care of them. They’re funny and empathetic and the fact that I’ve had any part in creating them makes me super proud. Also I pushed both of my boys out of my body at home, without an epidural… I’m pretty proud of that too.




Hardest thing about motherhood?

Balance. I am still learning how to make time for everything I want to make time for, letting go of the need to do everything.




What’s your go to “me time” and/or “self care” regimen?

Work. If I’m spending time away from the kids taking a bath or getting a manicure… it sort of feels like a waste of time. I need to have time to work and be creative outside of raising my boys.


What does your dream Mother’s Day look like?

A day at home without my children or husband.



What can one usually find in your bag? 

Crumbs from my kids’ snack bag that split open at some point a few months back, candy wrappers… yes I bribe my children. Chapstick, wallet, keys, phone and a pair of toddler vintage jeans I’ve been meaning to get hemmed.



Lastly, what are you currently listening to?

Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, my husband (SOHN) and a lot of podcasts... My Favorite Murder and This Podcast Will Kill You


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