EBR Talks with Lillian Banderas


Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi gals, how are you two, omg I love your shoes, did you thrift those? ohhh I love what you did to your hair. Sorry I was trying to avoid the question about myself. Well I’m Lillian, I help run Dale Zine, an independent art press and shop.  I have a true passion for spreading global talent in a DIY way. Started in the creative field in the fashion industry and now I’m just a Jack(ie) of all trades and master of none.

And about Billy!

Billy is more than my sidekick, he runs the show here. He’s my little furry underbite funny bunny. I tell people this story and they never believe me, but Billy showed up at my doorstep one rainy night. Barked until we opened the door and he let himself in. Literally the dog of my dreams walked into my life like that.  From what his previous owner told me his name was kaiser, but I decided to name him after my favorite client, ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons because they both have the best smiles. 


We know you kind of dabble in a number of things, wardrobe styling, the work you + Steve do with Dale Zine, etc? What can you tell us about how you manage it all?

Maybe the key here is TRY to manage it all. I can say that I have a crazy appetite to try anything and everything before one day I can’t. Starting my career in wardrobe and prop styling, your main focus is to wear many hats. It’s not just a creative job, you have to be your own manager, accountant, construction worker, courier service, therapist. With that experience I’ve taken into everything I currently do. It took me a while to grasp this but I can be more than one thing. I can be a stylist, publisher, artist, small business owner, wife, friend and anything else I want to try that day too. It’s up to me to make room for it.



How has where you’re from shaped who you are at this moment?

I was born and raised in the suburbs of San Francisco in a little waterfront community called Redwood shores. We were out there recycling before I knew how to tie my shoe. When I moved here (Miami) in middle school, the first time I raised my hand in class was to ask where I can recycle my paper and was teased ever since. I was this vegetarian, environmental activist and feminist before I could drive but I didn’t know that bc my childhood never taught me labels. Miami too has shaped me, to always being ok to being the new kid in class and to be fearless. This city has given me every blessing to be myself when it might be scary at first, but always ends up being fruitful at the end. Redwood shores rooted me in kindness, environment and the hunger to learn. So much in fact I made Steve go to my hometown before we got married. I felt like he didn’t really get me until I showed him my old house, where I made my first skate ramp and where a goose chased me home once.

How would you describe your personal stylo? + what are some of your favorite/everyday/go-to/staple pieces?

I think I had way more style when I had more time. Now I think about how I will feel confident from day to night. 10 years ago you couldn’t catch me dead in jeans and sneakers, and here I am talking to you in a jean jumpsuit and sneakers, with holes in them, on. 

I guess my personal style would be best described from work (whatever that is that day) to the retirement rave. Color, vintage and anything that makes me feel like I’m in the Keys will always be found in my closet.

Favorite: It’s a tie between my handmade wedding dress and an paris thrifting find of a kaleidoscope jacket

Everyday: I’m a jumpsuit queen, one less step to think about.

Go to: A good cowgirl boot (vegan pls)

Staple: Your bag! Maybe I want to rep my favorite bookshop, or look at this cute bag I found with a mushroom on it. I love to wear my bag of the day proudly!



What can one usually find in your bag/purse?

A mess. I keep every receipt and I never put my debit card back into my wallet. I always carry a dog treat though.

What are some of your favorite local (and not local) brands/makers/businesses?

Omg that’s so hard I love them all. If you’re putting your stuff out there all on your own, you are my hero. Globally, Printed Matter is my QUEEN. Putting independent art books of all shapes and sizes on the map since 1976! 

Locally, girls are crushing it! A year ago I put together a small print fair called Miss Happy Zine of some girls I knew, kinda knew and didn’t know at all… and wow what a presence. I wish I could list them all but for now here’s are highlights. Nikki Erichsen is a local ceramist who is as talented as she is focused, look out for instagram story sales. It’s a steal. Jessy Nite, artist that’s always exploring new territory but with so much tropical influence, check out all her installations! Priscilla Cavalcante DJ and owner of local record shop Concreta Sala, her curation is just as trippy as her sets. One of the best collaborators in town. Something that’s not being done anywhere is O’Miami, a non profit focused on poetry, with a creative team that Nike could only wish had. Oh oh oh and Kelly Breez, not only the funniest painter in town but my dive bar buddy. I’m actually working on a site outside of dale zine titles where we highlight all my favorite independent creatives!

What are your favorite Miami spots? 

7 seas, it really is my cheers and I couldn’t have it any other way.

Over Under, I just hang out and practice being a bar fly before it opens.

I love walking around the gables with Steve and Billy. The trees, old ladies gushing over Billy, looking at dream houses and maybe stopping at a few happy hours along the way.

Kayaking out of Shake a Leg.



And finally, what are you currently listening to now?

It always changes but here’s a fun little playlist...



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