02 - Bookish with Jess Valera



Another MUST READ, especially as we continue to live in the year “quarantine 2020”. So good, Hulu just released a 12 episode series! Yes, the binging gods ARE with us! 

Normal People by Sally Rooney shot to “fame” (or the hype as we like to call it!) last year upon its release.  Rooney was previously most popular for her book Conversations With Friends (also recommend for a hot and steamy read!) but Normal People really contributed to her now very recognizable name. It falls under the contemporary fiction genre (big fan) and written in a way where the more you familiarize yourself with the characters, the more you either  a.) see yourself or b.) see someone you know, in them.

BIG PLUS is it’s an easy read, resulting in keeping you so engaged you’ll forget to even take a bathroom break (pro tip: take it with you but WASH YOUR HANDS and Clorox wipe the book!) 

Opposites attract in this book. While time passes and things continue to evolve, our two main characters remain what seems like “forever” connected. It’s a complex story about love, friendship, family, timing, and the evitable, class + hierarchy system. This book makes you FEEL things, though I would still categorize it as “feel good”. However, fair warning! it’ll trigger thoughts about your own personal relationships with friends, family, present/past lovers, etc. 

Goodreads Rating : SOLID 4 stars



Sorry I’m Booked Footnote:

Next up! A Good Marriage by Kimberly McCreight! A suspense/thriller book of fiction. Quite the opposite from Normal People. Feel free to follow along!


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